Visual Design

This is the initial rendition of a basic sketch by the developer for a cottage on a development we have been awarded. We will be supplying the total wood product package. Due to the client’s response to the quality of workmanship on our samples; with the knowledge that after major trials, our products have been proven to be termite resistant. This allows him to move ahead with his development in the Bahamas with full confidence this issue has been eliminated.

The options we offer are vast. We believe the more we can assist our clients the quicker they can sell their projects.

This was taken from a client’s drawing and translated into a 3D vision. As a bonus we put together our idea of a typical bedroom view to create something that would give our client some ideas.

These are 3D renditions of example buildings that have been incorporated into a realistic environment which can be expanded upon. Our design team are able to turn any idea into a virtual reality concept, which we are sure will help our clients to visualise the conceptual development of their project.