Pukkah Pavilions are designed to provide you with a sense of privacy and Ultimate Luxury.

We believe we design and build the world’s very best outdoor living spaces. Our designs incorporate each client’s dreams; we then turn them into reality.

Many unique details are available to be built, including dinner tables that can be turned into a day bed.

Any concept can be turned into a completed project. Our designers work closely with you to ensure you get the very best in both design and quality.

Each pavilion is bespoke and handmade taking up to six weeks to manufacture.

Our installation team install every pavilion so we can confidently state that Pukkah Pavilions create the world’s most stunning outdoor living spaces.

Our pavilions are offered with the finest cushions and fabrics in a vast choice of colours. Cotton voiles are also available to finish the luxurious touch.

The pavilions can be supplied in three different options, open pavilion, shuttered, or with full privacy glass.

On the final version a fully designed A/C system can be incorporated and hidden from view.

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