We at Pukkah have put together some of the most innovative young designers from the Far East. Their contemporary ideas are beginning to influence a number of areas within the market world-wide.

From total internal furniture packages to new conceptual arts, Pukkah can offer our clients assistance every step of the way.

We also design and manufacture the most stunning range of bespoke built-in furniture both contemporary and classical.

In a development we have just taken on in the Bahamas the client wanted to offer potential buyers the option of both. As seen in the images below we gave our client a variety of different options.

You can also view our modern options that have been put forward on our Design Company’s site by viewing the Visual Design page.

Classic styles, including soft furnishing are made by hand and supplied directly from Pukkah Interiors.

These are more modern designs and examples of art and accessories sold exclusively by Pukkah.