The Pukkah Group has been formed due to the interest that was shown in the wood used in the Pukkah Pavilion that was exhibited at the St Peters Boat Show.

A developer looking to build a new 5 star resort in the Bahamas was intrigued by the fact that Pukkah products are created from “Termite Resistant” iron wood. Once the interest in our wood was made clear we immediately began working with him to confirm that our wood was termite resistant and that we could design a range of products for his development.

We have recently been awarded the contract to supply the full projects requirements for the main construction products, including doors, shutters, flooring / decking, railing systems and much more.

We at Pukkah are committed to ensuring our clients receive the most stunning range of products, at competitive prices, with the assurance that it will outperform any IPEA product available on the market today.