About Us

Pukkah was formed some 5 years ago and has over the past 3 years diversified into a number of markets.

Due to the time spent initially in the selection of the wood we can now state we manufacture the only ‘Full Range of Termite Resistant Products in the world today’

This makes us ideal for the hot humid climates such as The Bahamas, The Caribbean, USA and South America.

We have a full design team available to assist all clients, be it an individual home owner or designer or developer, our team will listen to your request and help in any way possible, to ensure you get exactly the product you require.

Our designers work closely with our in-house CAD department, so that once our conceptual sketches have been agreed, we can turn these ideas into full cad working drawings.

We have recently added to this with our own young 3D visual design department, who can turn your ideas into 3D virtual reality, (see the Visual Design page for more details) this allows us to now offer, not only individuals to see there finished pavilion before construction, but we can offer a full internal view of the properties.

This service is unique , but one that has been set up to allow us to hopefully bond with our future clients and help build long term relationships with.

We will be supplying all of the wood products both internally and externally for a developer in the Bahamas. Our wood has been examined by the client to prove our claim that the wood is termite resistant, the developer actually left samples of our wood, plus his normal favoured hard wood IPEA in a mound for 6 weeks, the results astonished him, the IPEA had been devoured, yet our Ironwood had not been touched. This has led to contracts being exchanged and we are now the supplier of all wood products for his 5 star developments within the Bahamas.

Pukkah have recently branched into the soft furnishings, as this same developer asked what we could assist with on this as he had seen for himself a fully fitted pavilion with the full range of furnishings in place.

We also offer total bar construction plus all other hard items such as tables and chairs, all with the possibility of being constructed from termite resistant iron wood.


CEO Personal Statement

When I set out to put Pukkah on the map the name meant so much to me, it simply means

‘’The Very Best’’ That is what my team and myself strive to achieve.

We simply want to build close working relationships with all our clients both large and small, we will assist them in every way possible, and deliver the very best product, whether it be a stunning pavilion , a bespoke lounge seating area or simply a range of shutters.

We offer the best service money can buy, yet we believe our prices are fair, try us, put us to the test, you will not be disappointed.

A final thought for you, I keep a quote from Mark Twain on my desk it is simple and so relevant.

‘If you don’t lie you don’t have to remember anything’

Everyone working with me at Pukkah knows this means a lot to me. Pukkah will never let a client down.

If you have any enquires about Pukkah International, or have a development prospect that you would like to discuss, please use the contact page we have provided to get in touch with us. We will be happy to hear from you!


Terry Gould

CEO at Pukkah International
5401 South Kirkman Rd
Suite 301
+1407 926 5767